Ethical Policy

At Electric Publications ethics is very important to us.

We are aware of the unscrupulous nature of the publishing industry that has a tendency to exploit the authors upon which it relies for its very existence. We believe that authors should receive fair remuneration for their work and for this reason we offer a royalty of 20%, which is double the usual rate on paper titles. We also produce accounts bi-annually within one month of each period, to enable authors to be paid sooner.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, which is why all our books are available as e-books and all of our physical titles are printed entirely on high quality recycled paper. This costs us much more than FSC scheme paper but has a much greater benefit for the enviroment. We believe that this is a price worth paying, as there can be no price put on safeguarding the future of our long-suffering planet.

Our books are produced here in Ireland to help support the local economy. We could get it done far more cheaply in some Asian or African sweatshops but that would be totally unacceptable to us. All people should be paid a fair income for their hard work and should not be exploited by corporations to increase profits at the expense of human rights and dignity.

We may not make as much profit as other organisations, but at least we can sleep at night, with a clear conscience.