Welcome to our website

Electric Publications is a small Irish publisher that began in 2006. We are an independent publisher based in the west of Ireland. We specialise in a wide range of quality non-fiction and poetry. Our aim is to help our authors achieve success and also receive a fair share of the profits for their work.

Our staff have extensive experience in book and magazine publishing, especially digitally printed books. We make use of the latest print-technology innovations which includes catering for e-book readers too. Because we are independent we can be particular about the subject matter and quality of what we publish. We aim to offer a platform to original voices, individual and radical ideas and to give our authors a personalised strategy for each title produced.

We are also commited to ethical business, especially reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. We are currently building our list of titles to be published. If you are an existing author looking for an individual service, or are a first time author looking for a publisher, please see our submissions page. We also offer a range of publishing services, including book production, copy editing and proof reading for small publishers and authors (including self-publishing authors). We do not offer or approve of vanity publishing.


From time to time we send out details of our new books & special offers. Any information will be retained by us only and not shared with any 3rd party.