e  l  e  c  t  r  i  c    p  u  b  l  i  c  a  t  i  o  n  s





Publishing Services

Electric Publications staff have extensive experience in the book and magazine publishing industry. Our director set up and managed the first short-run digital book production system for a fiction publisher in the U.K. (Citron Press). Staff have been involved in editing, sub-editing, book and magazine design, proof reading and translation, so between us we have a wealth of practical industry experience. Previous industry experience includes: MacMillan Magazines, IRN Publishing, Citron Press, EMAP, Gee Publishing, The Bookseller, CFEETK Publications, Éditions Du Rocher, IFAO, The History Press, Éditions Pygmalion, An Sagart.

We are aware of the minefield that exists for self-publishers, especially those who fall prey to vanity publishers. We do not offer vanity publishing, which exploits the ignorant and desperate, but we offer publishing services to would be authors and small publishers at reasonable industry rates.

We offer:
• Digital printing (recycled paper only).
• Book design and layout.
• Illustration.
• E-book production.
• Editing and proof reading.
• Translation to/from French, German and Irish.
• Assistance to self-publishers (e.g. on ISBNs, barcodes, distribution).

Please email us with any queries or to discuss your requirements and we will get back to you by email or telephone as soon as possible.