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Electric Publications is a small Irish publisher that began in 2006 but shut down for some years, re-opening in 2019. As a result our list is very small, however we are working on building up our imprint and are working with some new and established authors on some exciting projects.

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How To Save The Planet: 10 simple steps that can change the world

By Luke Eastwood


Paperback: EU RRP: 7.95  UK RRP: £8.95  US RRP: $8.95  ISBN: 978-1-5272-4598-3

Ebook: EU RRP: 3.99  UK RRP: £3.25  US RRP: $3.99  ISBN: 978-1-5272-4847-2

Saving the planet? Surely that’s too big a job for ordinary people, organisations, even governments? Well... No it’s not! In this short book the author describes how we got in this awful mess and how we personally can help to fix it. In 10 easy to follow steps we can really make an immediate and practical difference to the fate of our planet. It's simpler than you might think, it just takes people like you to decide to take action and encourage others to join you. Available as an e-book or printed on 100% recycled paper. 50% of any profits from this book are being donated to Greenpeace.

'It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed by the immense environmental challenges that confront us but Luke Eastwood's accessible book takes us by the hand and illustrates how each of us can make a difference. His 10 steps offer clear and achievable goals that can have a positive impact on our relationship with our planet and on our ability to act in upholding its wellbeing. A hopeful and empowering read!'
Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries, The Prophecies, The Druid Way and What Do Druids Believe.

In this 94-page, pocket-sized volume, the author is dealing with matters closer to the ground and investigating choices that we can make.
4 out of 5 stars, RTÉ Culture

This is a no-nonsense, no punches pulled ten step guide to living in a way that is viable for the planet. It’s full of interesting bits of information about what kinds of impact different activities have, their history, their place in our culture and how the alternatives work. It’s all very readable and digestible. Druid Life Blog

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Where The Hazel Falls: An anthology of modern Irish verse

By Ann Dalton, Ted Sluds, Luke Eastwood (Ed.), Adam Dunlea, Geraldine Moorkens Byrne, Gemma McCabe, Cait Branigan,
Toddy Kennedy and Wil Kinghan

Paperback: EU RRP: 11.95  UK RRP: £10.95  US RRP: $11.95  ISBN: 978-0-9550-6071-7

Ebook: EU RRP: 5.49  UK RRP: £4.99  US RRP: $5.99  ISBN:

Featuring poetry by RTÉ playwright Ann Dalton, Award winning poets Ted Sludds and Adam Dunlea, author Luke Eastwood, Geraldine Moorkens Byrne of Pagan Pages, renowned illustrator Wil Kinghan, Toddy Kennedy, Cait Branigan and Gemma McCabe. Edited by Luke Eastwood.

Some of the contributors such as Ted Sludds, Ann Dalton, Toddy Kennedy and Geraldine Moorkens Byrne were previously published but almost all have gone on to other successful creative projects since this book was launched in 2006.

Tedd Sluds was winner of the Impressions National Poetry Award and the Clogh Writers' Prize. Ann Dalton has written and produced several children's plays for RTÉ radio. Luke Eastwood has had several books and many articles published in Ireland and abroad. Adam Dunlea is now a successful musician, touring the globe with several bands. Geraldine Moorkens Byrne has continued a successful career in poetry. Will Kingham has been published, mostly in collaboration with John Matthews, producing a series of popular divination card decks and he is now a successful illustrator. Cait Branigan is a successful shamanic practitioner and public speaker.

Within these pages are the works of nine poets, each with their own distinctive style and agendas; but with all of these poets there is a common thread - a love of this land (Ireland) and a way of looking at the world that reaches beyond the mundane.


"Exciting new collection makes an excellent 'homegrown' stocking filler present for poetry lovers everywhere."
Wexford Free Press

"Each featured writer has a unique and fresh approach, yet they are intrinsically linked by their passion and understanding of the natural world and our place among it... Angry, raw, passionate, humble questioning... they are hard hitting modern day observationists confident in their expressions and it is this quality which creates a cutting edge to the book."
Touchstone Magazine


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